August 31, 2017

First Degree


                  August 24, 2017  GRIZZLIES GAME



                           Reservations Required

                           SOLD OUT                      

         August 31, 2017  FIRST DEGREE

                  6:30 Dinner

                  7:00 Degree

         September 7, 2017  PAST MASTER’S NIGHT

                  Dinner  (Make Reservation)

         September 21, 2017  STATED MEETING

                  6:00 Appetizers & Salad Bar

                  6:30 Dinner   (Make Reservation)

                  Hiram Award, Stuart Hoskins

                  7:30 Stated Meeting









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On July 13, 2017, Gary Pullings was passed to the degree of Fellow Craft Mason.  Both the Sr. Deacon and Jr. Deacon were at advanced stations and did a great job.  For additional Lodge Pictures, CLICK picture.

Newly initiated Entered Apprentice Christopher Meyer is congratulated on becoming a Mason by his grandfather, Alan Burnham who was Master of Clovis Lodge in 1988. For additional Lodge Pictures, CLICK picture.

Grand Master

John R. Heisner

Celebrating 300 years of Speculative Free Masonry  (1717-2017)

On August 3, 2017 Dennis Ray Ward was initiated an Entered Apprentice Mason.  For additional Lodge Pictures, CLICK picture.

Las Palmas-Ponderosa Masonic Lodge serves Masons in the Clovis-Fresno area as Clovis Lodge No. 417 consolidated with Las Palmas Lodge in 2014.