March 21, 2019

 Stated Meeting



         March 21, 2019  STATED MEETING

                  6:30 Dinner   (Make Reservation)

                  7:30 Stated Meeting

         March 28, 2019  SECOND DEGREE

                  6:30 Dinner

                  7:00 Second Degree









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Grand Master

Stuart A. Wright

Our newly installed officers for 2019:  L to R Mike Behlen (Jr. Deacon), Joshua Harmon (Sr. Warden), Chris Guillen (Jr. Steward), Mark Stroup (Jr. Warden), George Boyajian (Sr. Deacon), Richard Sherrod PM (Worshipful Master), Milt Snavley (Marshall), Bryan Kincade PM (Secretary), Chris Parker (Sr. Steward) and Don Williams (Chaplain). Richard Ehorn (Treasurer) is missing from the picture. For additional Lodge Pictures, CLICK on the picture.

Las Palmas-Ponderosa Masonic Lodge serves Masons in the Clovis-Fresno area as Clovis Lodge No. 417 consolidated with Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodge in 2015.

On January 31, 2019 the newly installed officers of Las Palmas-Ponderosa Lodge initiated William Woolman (white shirt) and Rian Bowman (top of apron turned up).  There was a large group of sideliners who got to hear Jr. Warden Mark Stroup deliver the long form lecture which was accompanied by a 35mm slide show that Grand Lodge first introduced in 1977 and has not been shown in Las Palmas Lodge in almost 40 years. For additional Lodge Pictures, CLICK on the picture.